Tifanny Bophadavy Doche


Global Ambassador and Lead Designer for Re-Made in Cambodia

BIOGRAPHY   Tifanny Bophadavy Doche is a remarkable figure in the Cambodian fashion industry, serving as the Global Ambassador and Lead Designer for Re-Made in Cambodia. As the creator of Revivre Studio, she has established herself as a trailblazer, driven by a passion for sustainable fashion, cross-cultural design, and timeless elegance. Hailing from a Khmer-Chinese background and born in France, Tifanny’s journey took shape after her studies at ESMOD Fashion Design and Business School, followed by a valuable internship at Viktor&Rolf and a career as a stylist in Paris. However, in 2020, she embarked on an inspiring new chapter, driven by her vision for Khmer design. In March 2022, Tifanny’s aspirations materialized with the founding of Revivre Studio—a made-to-order and ready-to-wear brand that places emphasis on the principles of slow fashion while drawing inspiration from her cultural heritage. She has since showcased in several shows, from her own to Phnom Penh Designers Week. Deeply committed to addressing environmental injustice within the fashion industry, Tifanny and her team of local talents joined forces with Re-Made in Cambodia for the 2023 Earth Day Fashion project. Together, they transformed clothing collected from the river into stunning ready-to-wear fashion looks. Through her involvement with Re-Made in Cambodia, Tifanny aims to showcase the country’s creativity and amplify its voice on the global stage, channeling her designs to contribute to a more sustainable future.

TALK TITLE   From the river to the runway, the quiet transformation of Cambodian fashion

TALK SUMMARY   Cambodia is undergoing a quiet revolution in its fashion industry, one that embraces sustainability as a guiding principle. In this TEDx talk, Tiffany Bopha-Doche dives into the history of fashion in Cambodia, its legacy post-genocide, and the movement of youth guiding its future in the direction of sustainability. From traditional textiles to contemporary designs, young Cambodian designers are turning the country’s waste into its future opportunity, reclaiming their cultural heritage while raising the importance of sustainable fashion in preserving Cambodia’s rich natural resources, from the protection of endangered species to the preservation of vital ecosystems.