H.E. Dr. Tan Monivann


Business Owner, Chairman of DeGrand Realty Company

BIOGRAPHY   Dr. Tan Monivann possesses 23 years’ of experience in agriculture, law, economics, construction, real estate, and the food and beverage industry. He holds extensive educational and professional credentials in law, construction, real estate technology, and business development.

Currently serving as the President of the Cambodia Automotives Industry Federation and the e-Business Association, Dr. Monivann actively participates in various private sectors and associations. He also acts as the representative of the Cambodia Constructors Association, and the Vice President of the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce. Since 2001, he has been Vice-President of the Mong Rethy Group (MRG), the largest agro-industrial firm in Cambodia and a top-ranking company in Southeast Asia. Dr. Monivann holds various academic degrees, including a Bachelor’s in law, MBA, DBA, DPA, and a PhD in law, obtained both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Monivann has ambitious dreams he aims to achieve in his lifetime. Regarding legal development, he wishes to assist the government in reforming and improving the legal sector to gain foreign investors’ confidence. For the construction sector, he wishes to develop various property projects like condominiums so his name will be remembered for them. As a prominent Cambodian motivator, Dr Monivann recommends the second Cambodian generations set a concrete life plan, improve their skills and knowledge and capitalize on the opportunities they have. For company employees, he advises them to build capacity gradually over time to reach their desired positions. “If you are reluctant with your self-improvement, and accept whatever you have, you can’t prosper,” he said. For ambitious people like himself, he urges them to build themselves a fantastic future by setting up a life mission and vision that reflect their current position, their future direction, and the way to reach that direction by capitalizing on all available resources and opportunities.

TALK TITLE   “How to overcome the risks in startup business”

TALK SUMMARY   Nowadays, many new ventures fail due to the misconception among business owners who believe that if others can succeed, they can too. This message is very important for aspiring entrepreneurs planning to embark on their own startup journeys.