Prof. Dr. Somboon Mongkolsombat


Toastmasters Founder in Cambodia

BIOGRAPHY   Dr. Somboon is an accomplished professional with a strong background in technology, management, and communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Weber State University, an MBA from Brigham Young University in the USA, and a Ph.D. from Pannasastra University of Cambodia.

Currently, Dr. Somboon serves as the Country Manager for BPC Banking Technology, where he is responsible for assisting 25 banks in Cambodia to transition to digital banking. His expertise in technology and management has been invaluable in driving the advancement of these banks in the digital realm. In addition to his managerial role, he also shares his knowledge and experiences as a professor at Pannasastra University of Cambodia and Beltei International University.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Dr. Somboon is actively involved in Toastmaster International, an organization he founded in Cambodia. With his passion for public speaking and communication, the team has successfully expanded the organization to include four clubs in Cambodia. Furthermore, Dr. Somboon’s dedication to honing his public speaking skills has led to numerous successes in speech contests, including winning at the district level in countries such as America, Thailand, and the Philippines.

In his leisure time, Dr. Somboon indulges in various physical activities for both fitness and enjoyment. He enjoys taking leisurely walks, swims, and practices martial arts such as Judo, Aikido, and Thai boxing.

With over 20 years of experience in both academic and professional settings, Dr. Somboon Gan continues to make significant contributions in the fields of technology, management, and communication. His impressive educational background, leadership role, and personal achievements demonstrate his commitment to excellence and personal growth.

TALK TITLE   “Get out off the couch and be a champion to enjoy your life”

TALK SUMMARY   A motivational speech advocating for stepping outside your comfort zone to achieve true fulfillment. It argues that while staying comfortable seems safe, it limits personal growth and exciting experiences. Drawing inspiration from champions like Messi,Cristiano Ronaldo, Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams, the speech encourages facing discomfort head-on, as it leads to transformation and joy in the long run. It urges you to rise from the couch, embrace challenges, and become the hero of your own “Champion’s Quest.”