Martin Aerne


Founding Director Aerne Architects & Associates Co.,Ltd.(AA&A)

BIOGRAPHY   Swiss born architect Martin Aerne gained after a federal diploma of architectural draftsman-ship a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW) in 1995. After a period in New York City and as freelance architect he collaborated with the renowned Zurich and Munich based office Meili, Peter Architects for the design and execution of the exclusive and distinct Centre for Global Dialogue for Swiss Reglobal reinsurance company.
Relocated to Cambodia in 2002, Martin was initially principal at the WEC International Vocational Training Centre in Phnom Penh before establishing and directing the Entrepreneur & Apprenticeship Programme of the same organisation, where he also served for several years as national director. Parallel to the establishment of his private studio Aerne Architects & Associates Co.,Ltd. (AA&A) where he and his team have successfully designed and carried out a variety of ambitious and innovative projects as well as won competitions, prizes and awards both locally and internationally, he has been professor and thesis advisor for Architecture and Urbanism at the Royal University of Fine Arts since 2013, where he helps to rebuild philosophical and professional capacity of high standards and ethics. Furthermore, in 2021 | 2022, he lectured architectural design for the first masters of architecture degree in Cambodia at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and in 2023 began lecturing architecture at the Kirirom Institute of Technology.

TALK TITLE   Rethinking Living