Eliav Alaluf


Entrepreneur & Storyteller

BIOGRAPHY   Eliav Alaluf brings over 25 years of experience in marketing and storytelling, having developed a deep understanding of consumer behavior’s complex dynamics. His career features collaborations with tech startups and leading corporations across sectors such as pharmaceuticals, insurance, real estate, and consumer goods, where he has advised over 100 brands globally. His ability to engage diverse audiences has been a key to his success.

Eliav is a co-founder of Follow[the]Seed, a venture capital fund valued at $50 million. He has also authored three books that explore market trends, consumer psychology, and the art of storytelling, providing actionable insights for businesses and marketers.

TALK TITLE   Shades of Green: Rethinking sustainability through story

TALK SUMMARY   We’re on a mission to revolutionize our approach to saving the planet. It’s not about choosing between massive overhauls or sitting back; it’s about unearthing intelligent, groundbreaking strategies that move beyond conventional answers.

Why limit our focus to smart cities, overlooking the untapped potential of smart villages and towns? Why chase after trillion-dollar ventures when solutions worth millions could be equally transformative? And rather than expecting billions of people to overhaul their lifestyles, why not tap into the inherent powers of the natural world? The true insights don’t come from data or hard facts but from the stories we weave.

We’re here to overturn those prevailing narratives. The world isn’t just black or white; it’s a mosaic of greens, with each hue unveiling eco-friendly opportunities that push past the boundaries of orthodox environmental thought. Our challenge as pioneers and community members is to unearth solutions as clever and harmonious as nature’s own mechanisms.

We’re poised to script a new narrative of sustainability, where every minor, intelligent decision catalyzes substantial, non-linear advancement. Envision a future where technology and ecology blend in ways we’re just beginning to fathom.

Join us as we venture into a future where sustainability is synonymous with flourishing, not merely enduring. “Shades of Green: Rethinking Sustainability Through Story” goes beyond a mere presentation. It’s an impassioned plea to view our planet through a radically new lens and bring that vision to life. Together, let’s rethink, reimagine, and reconstruct our world.