Barak Ekshtein


Founder and CEO, TONTOTON

BIOGRAPHY   Impact entrepreneur and environmental advocate, founder of TONTOTON, a social enterprise that tackle non-recyclable plastic in coastal Cambodia. He is a developer of solutions to treat hard-to recycle plastic and reusable packaging. A Top Innovator by World Economic Forum and a UNESCO Green Citizen.

TALK TITLE   What does it take to clean a village?

TALK SUMMARY   In a world drowning in plastic pollution, the quaint coastal village of Phom Tamei in Cambodia becomes a microcosm for a global crisis. This TEDx talk dives into the plastic pollution dilemma, challenging the linear “made to break” economy with innovative reuse and refill models, highlighting the need for regulatory support, recycling infrastructures, and addressing the funding gap of non-recyclable plastic. Through the lens of Phom Tamei’s story, we explore multifaceted approaches to combat plastic pollution, offering not just a call to action but a roadmap for collective responsibility.